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“Your search for perfection ends here. Experience the harmony of body and mind in our luxurious beauty salon.”

Welcome to Kalina Beauty salon

"Discover the secret of flawless appearance in our beauty salon. Your beauty deserves the best, come and feel the difference."

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About us

"Our vision: We inspire beauty inside and out"

“Our vision is to transform beauty inside and out, highlighting the natural beauty of each client. With a careful approach, the latest techniques and high quality products, we strive to achieve a unique balance between luxury and affordability, providing you with an unforgettable experience in our beauty salon.”

Kalina Beauty begins the journey towards your inner and outer beauty. Our beauty salon is where care and luxury come together, creating a unique experience that leaves an indelible mark.

Our story is a story of passion for beauty, dedication to clients and constant pursuit of perfection. We started as a small salon with big dreams, and today we have become synonymous with quality and elegance.

At Kalina Beauty salon, your beauty is our priority. We use the latest techniques, superior products and a careful approach to bring out your natural beauty. Our mission is to help you feel confident and happy in your own skin.

Experience the transformation, feel the care and enjoy the luxury in the Kalina Beauty salon. We look forward to being part of your beauty story and creating moments together that will last forever.

Your beauty is our success

Feel as comfortable as in your own home.

Kalina Beauty

We have prepared
the best prices for you.

Laser epilation of the whole body

7.500 RSD

“Smooth skin forever! Discover a permanent solution for unwanted hair with full body laser hair removal in our salon.”

Laser epilation of the entire legs with groin + brazilian + stomach line

4.500 RSD

“Flawlessly smooth legs and body! Choose laser hair removal for the entire leg area, groin area, brazilian area and stomach line.”

Cavitation stomach + legs

3.200 RSD

“Shape the figure and reduce the volume! Experience effective cavitation for the stomach and legs in our beauty salon.”

Radio wave face lifting

2.500 RSD

“Rejuvenate your appearance without surgery! Radio wave face lifting provides natural tightening and reduces wrinkles in our salon.”

Hair straightening - medium length hair

6.800 RSD

“Transform your hairstyle! Hair straightening in our salon for perfectly straight and shiny hair.”

CACAU keratin hair straightening - long hair

7.700 RSD

“Long hair, flawlessly straight! CACAU keratin straightening for long-lasting smooth and shiny hair in our salon.”

Kalina Beauty

What our clients say about us.

"Kalina Beauty salon is a real oasis of relaxation and luxury for me. Every time I visit this salon, I have a special experience. The staff is extremely friendly and professional, always ready to recognize and satisfy my needs. The treatments are superb - from facial care to body massage , every detail is carefully thought out. After each visit, I feel refreshed and reborn. The salon is decorated with taste, creating a peaceful atmosphere for complete relaxation. I recommend Kalina Beauty to anyone who wants to indulge in superior care and luxury.".
Marina Stević
Kalina Beauty staff

Meet our amazing team

Jelena Đorđević

Manicure and Pedicure

Milica Petrović


Jovana Đukić

Hair stylist

Ivana Ristić

Permanent makeup

New in our salon

A revolutionary method of laser epilation.