Kalina Beauty

Our treatments

Cavitation and radio wave lifting

Cavitation uses ultrasound waves to break up fat deposits, allowing you to lose weight safely without surgery.

Facial treatments

Your skin is a mirror of your health and beauty, and it deserves special attention to keep it glowing, fresh and healthy.


Your eyelashes are the frame for your eyes and a key element of your look. They add depth, appeal and elegance to your eyes.

Hair stylist

Your hair is one of the most expressive parts of your appearance, and the right hairstyle can make you irresistible, confident, and ready to conquer the world.


Life can really be challenging, stressful, and full of tension, but everyone deserves moments of relaxation and complete revitalization.


Your feet are often the most forgotten part of your body, yet they indeed do the hardest work of everyday life.


In today’s busy world, finding time for yourself and deep relaxation are becoming an increasingly important part of our lives.


As the sun rises more and the days get shorter, we long for the refreshing glow and tan that summer brings us.

Permanent makeup

In today’s busy world, we want to feel confident and naturally beautiful regardless of all the challenges that everyday life can bring.


Hands are our business card and a mirror of our personal hygiene. That’s why it’s important to take care of them and make sure they look healthy, well-groomed and irresistible.


Do you dream of flawlessly smooth skin without the heavy maintenance? Waxing is the key to achieving that carefree and confident feeling. In our beauty salon and spa, waxing becomes real pleasure.

Laser epilation

Forget about boring shaving and unpleasant waxing. Our Beauty Salon and Spa Center offers you laser epilation – a revolutionary and permanent method of removing unwanted hair for silky smooth skin.


Makeup is not only a way to highlight your natural beauty, but also an opportunity to express yourself, feel confident and radiate with every step.

Why choose us?

Benefits we provide you.

Air-conditioned rooms

Our salon offers complete relaxation in an air-conditioned room. Enjoy comfort while indulging in luxurious treatments regardless of the outside conditions.

Free Wifi

Stay connected to the world while relaxing in our lounge thanks to free WiFi. Fast connection for your complete convenience.

Discounts and promotions

Our salon offers regular discounts as a token of appreciation to our loyal customers. Enjoy exclusive offers and special prices.

Pleasant ambience

Enjoy the pleasant ambience of our salon, where comfort and aesthetics come together to experience relaxing moments of beauty and revitalization.